Sunday, July 13, 2008

Welcome to The Queen City Roller.

"More music, more music, more music, more music."

From high atop the Springfield Plain, in the Queen City of the Ozarks, comes the dynamo that has just enough wheels to be The Queen City Roller.

A high toned and somewhat light complected source for stuff.

Bloggland is a curious place bees and britches but we at The Queen City Roller will do our best to navigate the bogs and marshes. What will you find at The QCR? Music mostly, rants some, links to things we find stellar, politics, food, crap around the house, brushes with greatness and tales of places far away that only some of us can dream of, and more music. Marvel at reviews of records old and new. Sounds undiscovered or ignored. Recommendations to the real things and advice on how to avoid the shit that passes for the real. We'll be making Lime Rickies. We'll be thinking of the fly on the wall. The QCR will analyze record covers, singles, shows, genres. You will find essays on major fuck-ups and little minor happenings that shaped the lives of The Queen City Roller staff.

And that's what you're going get.
Cake or Death. You decide.

Thank you for being a friend,
The Queen City Roller.


Michelle (Mitch) said...

what is that a pic of?

Queen City Roller said...

That's a picture of your humble editor on stage in San Francisco, Oct. 30, 1998 during a performance by the L.A. band, Woodpussy. I don't think you can quite make out the meat chandelier.

xtoq said...

Cake or death? Why, I'll have cake please. =)

Sexy photo my man.