Monday, July 28, 2008

It's a Holiday!

Recent readers, contributors, artists, hooligans and roustabouts, The Queen City Roller is going on a short holiday. A week. Grin and bear it. They'll be stories and action to report. Bears. Things of that sort. Tiny museums will be explored and rocks overturned. Cars may be set on fire. Kitties washed.

In the meantime, listen to The Psychedelic Solution on Compound Radio. Compound Radio is actually in a damn compound. It's true. Neck tattoos, broken bottles, a kitchen. Things that one normally finds in a compound. Sometimes, there is a radio. Jim Jones had one at his compound. And shows? Hell, there are so many shows on there that it will blow your damn mind. Or your friend's mind!

The Psychedelic Solution airs Monday nights at 8pm Pacific. That's 10pm for all you Okies and Bleeding Kansans. When the QCR gets back from holiday, well, you just watch out mister!

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