Monday, January 5, 2009

Meet the QCR staff!

Welcome, 2009, and welcome all you young dudes and dudesses. We thought it was high time that the reading public got a chance to meet and greet the staff of the Queen City Roller. We're really excited about the year to come. Some of us are still enjoying the holidays a little too much and that person will receive some stern words when they get back to town. In the meantime, consider your resolutions, think about the now, and put on a good record. Time is tight and it's time to get down with the QCR staff.

AP - a long time Queen City resident and former bay area denizen, Alan is your humble editor-in-chief and really likes Indian food. Bottom row, 2nd from right.

JAE - a drummer, a lover of kid's books, a hero, and an all around great girl, Jessie is shoulders over giants.

JE - Jason, top row third from left, is a guitar wizzard, a master of the hammer and nail, and one of our favorite guys. Really, you should meet him.

MH - he's building a guitar, he's reading some books, he's corraling the kids, he's checking things out. He's, Michael

SP - Silky Poplin is a son-of-a-bitch. He's too long on holiday, he's always using the last of the coffee, no one likes his jokes. But, he's a good writer who meets his deadlines. I guess we shouldn't complain.

Whineboy James - 2nd row, 4th from right. Blue shirt. Glasses. A machine that we use like a machine. Oily. Sharp. Goddamn genius.

GH - Gordon is gonna be a daddy! He hosts the Psychedelic Solution on Compound Radio. You can read about that crap here.

WCL - Billy is like a brother to the staff of the QCR. We think he smells real nice and when the weather is fine he's dealing figs and apricots in the park. Figdealer.

Stu Sturgis - artist, guitarist, orangutan.

And rounding out the staff:
Interns Jackie, Mason, and Collete.
M, the queen of rubylithe. (upper left corner)
Boomer and Lowdown, punks with funny names who check our mail and picture rights.
Pascual, Chugga, Lester, Nick, Veronique, Maddy, Topher, and Carol. Here's to the kids in the office.

ap - 2009

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