Monday, March 15, 2010

When Jokers Attack

I've been at sea. It was cool. I suggest it.

And now…
When Jokers Attack - The Brian Jonestown Massacre

I don't know what I would've come up with if I took all the best parts of Their Satanic Majesties Request, started a band, and had the balls to do my own fucking thing with it. I don't know how The Brian Jonestown Massacre became so fantastic. I don't know how a band as inconsistent as them could constantly punch out nugget after golden stone. But they did and they do. If I had wings I would want to fly to this song, if I wanted to play the drums I would learn this one first, and if I could go-go dance in a cage well, I'd do that too.

A brilliant, lush, ominous, and freeing track, When Jokers Attack jumps out the speakers and washes over me. It rolls like quick waves with a simple and electrifying drum sound that punctuates one of the best guitar lines ever written. The song is threaded throughout with such studio genius and tone. Lyrically it pierces the heart of romantic love while swirling like 30 freaked out dervishes. Try that in Turkey! Guitar parts weave in and around the percussion with the same breadth The Chesterfield Kings borrowed from The Chocolate Watchband. If you don't believe me listen to No Way Out by either of them. But there's Rain Parade in there too and as much Bryan MacLean, Love, moxie to ensure that in their time, or another time, Jac Holzman and Bruce Botnick, the producers of Forever Changes, would have given TBJM a fighting chance on Elektra.

I am so damn thankful for it.

(this girl is dreadfully cute)
ap - 2010

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