Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Isaac Hayes - Sail On You Soul Bastard!

I'm still bummed about Black Moses. This guy, who the thumbs are pointing to, is a big fucking Stax fan. Huge. I have Stax people I love and people I really love. Black Moses is one of them. Issac was Soul Brother number 1.5.

Can I just say that his version of "Walk On By," is way soul heaven to me. While I really love Bacharach era Dionne Warwick, Hayes' spooky ass arrangement and killer chick backing vocals took this song places that old Burt wouldn't have ever imagined; bedrooms around the world.

I went to see Eartha Kitt once in the East Bay. Eartha was in the middle of a song in French, or Turkish, or Kitty Kat, and she was wailing away like she does when all of a sudden, in my right ear, comes this silky soapy baritone saying "Man, Eartha really sounds good tonight." I turned around and in the booth behind me was one bad mother. Eartha's alright but this was Isaac! I kept looking around because he wouldn't stop talking and then when he wouldn't stop talking I wanted him to shut his mouth, so I could dig Eartha. I think it was a show that actually cost me money and I didn't want it ruined by anyone, especially Isaac Hayes.

I could give a shit about Scientology or Chef and as far as Shaft is concerned, I'm more thankful for the sequel because it's responsible for one of the baddest motherfucking soul performances of all time and it gives me an excuse to post the video. Just watch the sister dance in this performance from Wattstax. No one dances like that anymore and no band looked or sounded like they were coming straight outta the funk box to devastate more than The Bar-Kays (who were the band that backed Hayes on Shaft ) in this live version of "Son of Shaft."


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